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Cookie monster is happy: He got some cookies again! It’s summertime, and there’s some rosemary at our balcony. So I got Aniko’s recipe for Rosmarin-Heidesand and made some cookies. The fun thing is that nobody thinks about rosemary when trying these cookies. Some people asked me, if this would be ginger; my sister said something […]

I was looking for veggies, but hey – you find everything from Spain or Greece or whereever. German veggies? Rather uncool stuff. Uncool? Cauliflower? Well… I bought it. At home, I was looking into my cookbooks, looking for something interesting. And yes, in the book “Sundays at Moosewoods” I found a recipe from Finland. Finnish […]

For a little bike tour, we went to France, well… to the border and had there a little tour from Lauterbourg to Wissembourg and then to Bad Bergzabern. Of course, a visit in a patisserie was a must-do: There we tested chocolat cake and something with a mousse of fruits. Very yummy. And so nice […]