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Rhubarb time!


Last year, I’ve made rhubarb syrup – cool stuff for hot summer days! This year, I’ve produced some again, but too stupid: I didn’t have last year’s recipe any more. So here I write down a recipe which isn’t perfect yet – but a base for improvements… I used: Advertisements

No, this is no jam. This is a salad dressing. I saw the recipe in the latest Essen und Trinken für jeden Tag and made more or less my own version. This means: I didn’t follow exactly the given amounts due to lazyness. And I didn’t use pure raspberries, because I didn’t have any – […]

Since november, we’re living in an apartment with a balcony. And of course we had to start gardening! This week, we’ve already harvested 5 radishes, small and yummy – and today? Today was the big day: A whole 2-person-salad-bowl filled with the harvest of our balcony! Little salad, arugula, some radishes and the leaves of […]