An American Dream


Years (and I mean years) ago I was in Canada for a student exchange. Of course I got to know Macaroni and Cheese: a blue (?) package with pasta and yellow powder – If I remember correctly, it was prepared with milk (and no use of the microwave!).

(By the way: look how many ways there are of spelling Macaroni. Or Maccheroni? Maccaroni? Makkaroni? Complicated! I followed some packages of the original. The one in the package)

Some years ago, I had to try this dish again, when I was in New York; I bought a package: Well, it wasn’t really haute cuisine and nutrition by putting some yellow powder with a long list of ingredients (wheat flavour?! What’s that?!)  into a pot is not really my way…

And then I read here the recipe for Mac’n’Cheese. Pasta, milk, cheese: too easy and no weird powder! Cool. I had to try it. No béchamel sauce, only one pot – it’s a cool food if you feel like something light quick, no long chopping, sautéing, nothing complicated. Just stirring to avoid that the whole thing burns. Robert added a topping of breadcrumbs – I omitted them.

200g pasta is really enough for 2, as there is enough cheese to avoid hunger.

I made Spirelli and Cheese – and for being closer to the original, I added a little bit of turmeric powder to make it a bit more yellow…

You need for two:

200 g pasta (maccaroni. Or spirelli. Or whatever you find)
500 ml milk (maybe some more)
about 150 g tasty cheese (I used a mix of Parmigiano, Gruyère, and Cheddar)
salt, pepper, nutmeg

In a pot, bring the milk to a boil. Lower the heat, add the pasta and the seasonings and let the mixture simmer – don’t forget to stir once in a while. Meanwhile, grate the cheese. After about 10 minutes, try if the pasta is done. If there’s not enough sauce, add some milk. As soon as it’s done, turn off the stove, set the pot aside and stir in the cheese. Stir well and serve!


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