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Years (and I mean years) ago I was in Canada for a student exchange. Of course I got to know Macaroni and Cheese: a blue (?) package with pasta and yellow powder – If I remember correctly, it was prepared with milk (and no use of the microwave!). (By the way: look how many ways […]

One of my colleagues comes from Lebanon and told me to make a Tahini dressing for artichokes. Some weeks ago I got some artichokes and asked him again. He told me a recipe (without telling me the amounts of the ingredients) which I also found as a salad dressing in one of my Moosewood-books. I […]



For about 5 months I have been a proud inhabitant of an apartment with a balcony now. And of course, this is the perfect place to have some herbs. And of couuuuurse I needed a pot of sage. Well… I thought, I should finally use some of the sage – why have I always been […]