A quick evening meal


“Do something” said the broccoli in the fridge. “Do something! Please!” it said. It had been waiting for quite a long time in the fridge. I’d had made the promise to combine it with cream – maybe to accompany some pasta. Or potatoes.

And then… Nothing. I didn’t do anything where I needed the broccoli. Poor broccoli.

But then – just before it would have got too late, I got some rolls, some sour cream, got some cheese out of the fridge and made a quick dinner, using the following things:

some broccoli (for 2-3 rolls, I used one)

2-3 rolls

3-4 tblsp sour cream

some grated cheese

salt, pepper


Prepare the broccoli, steam it until it’s soft, but still firm to the bite, cool down (I used cold water). Preheat the oven (about 175°C). Stir sour cream, quite a lot of pepper and salt together.

Cut the rolls into halves, spread the sour cream on top. Distribute broccoli evenly, top it with cheese.

Put it into the oven and wait (about 5-10 minutes) until the cheese has melted and starts to become golden brown.




One Response to “A quick evening meal”

  1. Nun weiss ich, warum ich die Kühlschranktüre so ungern öffne: ein Kanon von “Do something” schallt mir entgegen

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