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Yeeeeeears ago, I often had this dip when I visited my viola teacher. A yummy olive dip, Grissini and some veggies – a perfect snack! I don’t use a recipe any more, I just stir the ingredients together – to taste. And since I’ve found out that black olive paste (something like tapenade), that I’ve […]

It’s not very often that I’ve eaten a really good marble cake. Yeah, it looks nice, but the taste is most of the times quite boring. “Buy the yellow baking book!”, a friend said. “I do love the marble cake!”. I was sceptic. Marble cake? Oh no, it’s sooo boring! Days and days I visited […]

I love sushi. And it’s cool to make it for a bento box for work. Get out the sushi, get out soy sauce, get out the chopsticks – and everybody will be envious while eating his boring sandwich for lunch… Of course you shouldn’t take sushi with raw fish to work and wait hours and […]

Getting bored by eating avocado in salad, guacamole or in sushi? Well… I like avocado. In any way. It’s not, that I’m bored. But curious. The book “Vegetarische Köstlichkeiten aus 40 Ländern der Welt” by Barbara Rias-Bucher showed me a new way to eat avocado. No, to drink it! It’s an avocado-shake, a recipe from […]

“Do something” said the broccoli in the fridge. “Do something! Please!” it said. It had been waiting for quite a long time in the fridge. I’d had made the promise to combine it with cream – maybe to accompany some pasta. Or potatoes. And then… Nothing. I didn’t do anything where I needed the broccoli. […]