Blue cheese…


…makes a good dressing. Quick and easy (of course!), this recipe of moosewood (found in the book “mooewood restaurant daily special”) makes a nice change for the nearly daily salad!

For one cup (you can refrigerate it for some days) you need:



about 50 g of blue cheese (roquefort, bleu d’Auvergne, whatever you want)
about 90 ml oil (neutral taste!)
1 tblsp vinegar
1,5 tblsp lemon juice
salt, pepper, about 1 tsp sugar
40 ml milk

in a blender, blend all of the ingredients except milk. Blend well, add the milk and continue blending until it’s thick and smooth. Done!


4 Responses to “Blue cheese…”

  1. Oh my, daily salad? Mein Körper würde sich schon über eine monatliche Dosis grünen Salats wundern *g*

  2. 3 Katrin

    Käse – super! Zum Salat – noch besser! Ich folge deinen Köchinnenspuren!

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