Sweet memories


Mice in my pot! But these are not the sweet memories I wanna talk about. Years, no, yeeeeeeeeears ago I was in Canada for a student exchange. There, we often brought for fundraising-buffets rice crispy squares, which were pretty easy to make. Back to Germany, I’ve never found crisp rice cereal to make them. And I didn’t like the version made with popcorn. So no rice crispy squares.

Until I’ve found some weeks ago crisp rice cereal in the organic food store. Great! Bought them, and bought the other ingredients: marshmallows. Well… The original marshmallows were quite expensive for just sugar, gelatine and starch (don’t forget about the artificial flavors…). The German sweets-companies offered lower-price, bicolor stuff in the form of mice. So yes, I took those.

Back home, I opened the package of mice and noticed, that the Germans offered quite a lot of flavour on top. Was this supposed to be strawberry? Probably… And their colour gives the whole thing a romantic touch!

And then I started to make the rice crispy squares:

Wrap the inside of a rectangular pan with plastic wrap.

In a large pot, heat (use low heat!) about 100 g of butter (or margarine) and 32 large marshmallows (about 2 packages of mice. Maybe a bit less.). Stir constantly until the marshmallows have completely melted. Stir in 1,125 l crisp rice cereal. Stir well until the rice is covered with the marshmallow-mix.

Put the whole mixture into the pan, try to distribute it evenly (a metal thing that you have rinsed with hot water may help). Let it cool down. Get it out of the pan and cut squares.

Enjoy! (I enjoy them because of their funny taste. They are nothing exquisite, but each time, their taste makes me laugh!)

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