No real art.


It’s no real art. No new-great-exciting recipe. No great picture. Just a little quick soup. A semolina soup. However I like it. My mother used to make it for me, when I was sick, but nevertheless I’ve always liked it. I still make it, when I’m sick, but sometimes just to have a quick little soup. This time I added some chilli (it was still in the house) – which wasn’t a great, great, great combination – next time, I’ll do the classic without chili again.

Important: don’t let sit the soup for too much time, the semolina gets too thick!

For one bowl of soup, you need:

a little piece of butter
2 tsp semolina

1 bowl vegetable stock

Heat the butter in a pot, add the semolina. Roast it until it get’s fragrant. Add the stock, let it boil once, serve it.

Of course, you can add some chives to make it nicer – but for a quick lazy-cooking-evening-soup, it will do in this most simple way.

2 Responses to “No real art.”

  1. Also quasi eine dünne Polenta?

    • naja, mit Weizengrieß. Und dann eine schon seeeehr dünne Polenta. Eher ein seeeehr dünner Grießbrei mit Brühe statt Milch ;-)
      Aber – vorausgesetzt, man läßt das Süppchen nicht ewig stehen – noch weit mehr auf der Suppen- als auf der Breiseite.

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