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eatable fruit!


I’ve told you already: I’m not a fruit eater. Maybe apples, but nothing else. Not just to eat fruit. If you serve a dessert – oh yes, that’s different! That’s ok, dessert is ok! I’ve got the e&t (Jan 2012) in my hands and found recipes with blood oranges. And there was an Orangengrütze (which […]

I don’t really like brussel sprouts. And I don’t really like sweet potatoes. Neither I like cilantro. Le gros père doesn’t really like ginger. But I think, I should learn to like all this stuff. Maybe brussel sprouts aren’t that bad?! I gave it a try and found this recipe for a curry with brussel […]

…but yummy and very quick: a Japanese-inspired Avocado-Salad. I found a recipe in the book “ma petite cuisine Japonaise” by Laure Kié. As I didn’t have all of the ingredients, I changed it a bit, and it was just perfect for adding a little salad to a dinner. The recipe combines Avocado with pears (and […]

Finally. Finally I find the time to write a new post! The kitchen works, the chaos in the new appartment gets smaller, the holidays are over, time to write about food! The rainy, grey days outside made me cook a winter vegetable stew of my Moosewood cookbook (Moosewood Restaurant cooks at home) – a nice […]