No, this isn’t an ordinary dish of mashed potatoes. And it’s no real aligot. Aligot? What’s that? I got to know this dish during my holidays in France – mashed potatoes with a special kind of cheese, la tomme fraîche. Well… here I won’t find this kind of cheese. So I looked here and there in the internet and decided to make a mock aligot with some tomme d’Auvergne and mozzarella cheese. As we’re preparing Fauxligot, not Aligot, you can choose your cheese without any restrictions. Tomme d’Auvergne, St Nectaire or Cantal should be fine. I don’t suggest Emmental or Gouda.

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s good, when you’re hungry.

For one very hungry person you’ll need:

about 400 g potatoes
3-4 tblsp milk
3-4 tsp sour cream
50 g of tomme d’Auvergne
about 50 g of fresh mozzarella cheese

If you wish: some garlic

Peel the potatoes, cut them, boil or steam them. Cut the cheese in small pieces. In a pot, heat the milk, add the boiled potatoes, mash them using a fork. Add the sour cream and the garlic. Add the cheese and stir well until the cheese has melted. Stir well, well well, season with salt and pepper and serve with salad!

(Of course, in France you often get this dish as a side for meat…)


3 Responses to “Fauxligot”

  1. Here it’s only breakfast time and I’m getting hungry already. I am surprised Mozzarella works – I once tried to use it instead of Queso Oaxaca for quesadillas, but the Mozzarella split into a chewing gum like part and a lot of watery liquid. Might have been due to poor quality of the Mozzarella though :)

  2. Kartoffelbrei geht in allen Varianten, auch französisch mit Käse. Wird demnächst ausgetest, weil es das ultimative Comfort Food für mich ist :-)

    • Oja, Kartoffelbrei ist wirklich großartig. Und seit ich einen Kartoffelstampfer hab, muß ich auch nicht mehr mit der Gabel in den Kartoffeln rumdrücken ;-)

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