Frère Jacques…


Surprise, surprise, I was in holidays. Ok, I’m already back again, but my kitchen seems still to be in holidays. I don’t know exactly why, but right now, there’s not much time for cooking or baking. When I do so, I don’t prepare anything new or exciting, so nothing for a post.

But let me tell you a little bit about my holidays: With my mom and le gros père, I was hiking in France from Le Puy to Conques on the camino de Santiago de Compostella. We had good weather, no blisters on the feet and good food – of course.

The first day, we had lentils in Le Puy (well, a must-eat, probably) and lots of picknicks with great views, yummy Baguette and great cheese.

In Saugues, we bought new shoes for me (mine were broken the 1st day. Bye-bye my good old shoes! Hello new ones…) – and had some cakes with our coffee (Germans in France!)


For the evenings, we often had food in the hostels – prepared by the owners and mostly pretty good, too. I was fond of Aligot, a sort of potato-puree with a special kind of cheese. But most of the times, it’s served with sausage, and well… Sometimes it’s ok, but not too often. Not for me… But Aligot and salad: I could eat it every day. Too bad that the cheese you need to prepare the Aligot is only found in this region. I’ll see how to substitute it.

In Aubrac, a village of 10 inhabitants and maybe 100 tourists, we were Chez Germaine for coffee and cake. First we thought that the tartes were quite expensive, but then we were served:

When we stayed in St Chély d’Aubrac, we found a chambre d’hôtes (the French way of Bed and Breakfast) where we got a dinner. And please, please, please: if you happen to stay in St Chély d’Aubrac, please stay at “la Carderie” – a very, very, very nice couple who are running their chambre d’hôtes, livinig in a house next to the little river, preparing great food with lots of veggies grown in their own garden. It was a little paradise! They also explained how to make Belgian tarte au sucre and I hope that some day you can find the recipe here.

Arrival in Conques: food in front of the great romanian Church – after days of Aligot and sausage, we decided to eat Crepes and Galettes. Not typical for the region where we have been, but very good and with a great view:

…and now I’m back. Too bad… Hoping that my kitchen will wake up again soon!


4 Responses to “Frère Jacques…”

  1. Ooooh, how I envy you! I have been there some years ago (with the car of course ;-) )

  2. :-) I’ve been there years ago by car, too. But a that time, I was a teenager and had to go there with my parents, so they were a lot more fond of Conques than I was. But this time I realised that the church of Conques is really great!!!! :-)

  3. Sieht nach einem wirklich entspanntem Urlaub aus und das Essen hört sich auch gut an :-)
    Jetzt hoffe ich nur, dass Deine Küche auch bald ausm Urlaub zurück kommt ;-)

  1. 1 Fauxligot « la grosse mere

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