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A cake walk


Yeah, I seam to dance a little cake walk in the kitchen these weeks… But I don’t eat only cake. For being honest, I also made a focaccia last week, but due to optical failure I couldn’t take a picture of it. So the focaccia has to wait. Meanwhile I made a cake that was […]

This week-end, my mother was here. Time to get the kitchen back from holidays! Of course it was the perfect occasion for baking again. So I got some plums, some curd (Quark), butter and eggs and made this cake. I like the mix of curd and fruit! I got the recipe from the book “Das […]

Surprise, surprise, I was in holidays. Ok, I’m already back again, but my kitchen seems still to be in holidays. I don’t know exactly why, but right now, there’s not much time for cooking or baking. When I do so, I don’t prepare anything new or exciting, so nothing for a post. But let me […]