Home, sweet home


I’ve already told you that my mother is from Austria. So yes… at home, we often had Mehlspeisen. In summer it’s obligatory to make Marillen- and Zwetschgenknödel – sweet dumplings filled with fruit.

Of course: my picture isn’t as appealing as it should, but if you want to see Marillenknödel, just ask Mr. Google for pictures ;-) This time, I’ve failed again. The picture got more of  a documentatory (??) character again.

Never mind – it was just in the picture. Basically, you make a dough, you make dumplings, boil them in water and put them in butter-roasted breadcrumbs. Then you serve it with melted butter and sugar.

Serve a salad or a light soup before – the Knödel are the main course! (Yes. This is possible. Believe me.)

For the dough, there are many ways to make it – the classic thing that I’ve never made (too much work) is a potato-based dough. I’ve tested a sort of choux pastry (Brandteig) and a dough with curd (Topfenteig). This time, I’ve got a newly tested recipe from my mother: a yeast dough. She has tested it for my vegan sister: the taste-test was a success!

For 3 people, buy 10 apricots and start:


250g flour
1/4 piece of fresh yeast (about 10 g)
pinch of sugar
40-50 g butter or margarine
about 160 ml milk or vegan milk (I used an oat-drink)

10 apricots
10 pieces of sugar (cubes)

1/2 ton butter (estimated. For the vegan version use margarine, of course)
3-4 handfuls of breadcrumbs (Semmelbrösel/Paniermehl)


another estimated 1/2 ton of butter.

Start: Warm the milk until lukewarm. Knead all of the dough-ingredients to a quite soft dough and let it rest (and raise) for about 1 hour.

Think about how much fruit you’ll eat, about the benefits for your health and that you have used nearly no sugar until now.

When the dough has risen, take a laaaaaaaaaarge pot (large in diameter) of water and heat it. Forget about calories in sugar and fat. Get out the stone (?) of the apricots this way:


Fill them with 1 sugarcube each.

Divide the dough into 10 pieces, flatten the dough with your hands and put it around an apricot. Pinch the edges well together to avoid that the dumpling will open. Roll them a bit in flour.

When the water boils, reduce the heat, put the dumplings into the water. It should lightly simmer. Wait about 20 minutes. When you touch them carefully with a wooden spoon and they turn around easily, they are done.

In a large (laaaaaaaarge again) skillet, melt a generous piece of butter. Add the breadcrumbs, stir and wait until they are lighly browned. They should generously cover the bottom of the pan. Roll the dumplings in the breadcrumbs.

To serve, melt another genereous piece of butter and put it in a little bowl on the table.

How to eat them correctly? I cut them in four, drizzle them with melted butter, heap a lot of sugar on one spot of my plate and dip the dumplings in the sugar…

By the way: I don’t recommend to put the dumplings cut into the bento, to press well the lid and eat them cold. Doesn’t work. Trust me. I tried that. Failure.
Le gros père tested to reheat them in the microwave: success.

For Zwetschgenknödel, fill the dumplings with plums and omit the whole get-out-the-stone-fill-with-sugar-thing. Serve with sugar and cinnamom.


4 Responses to “Home, sweet home”

  1. Ich wußte nicht, dass Du das Mehlspeisen-Gen trägst. Ein Rezept Deiner Mutter muss natürlich ausprobiert werden. Liebe Knödel, wecher Teig auch immer.

  2. eigentlich sind alle gut. hauptsache butter und zucker sind bei den knödeln dabei. und die brösel könnt ich auch einfach so essen. nochmal ordentlich butter drauf und zucker… und vielleicht noch bißchen aprikosiges vom knödel… ;-)

  3. 3 Anna-Maria

    also ich muss sagen 10 knoedel fuer 3 personen ist zu wenig! hab letzte woche eine marillenknoedelparty geschmissen mit halb brandteig halb topfenteig (brandteig is zerfallen, topfenteig sah aus wie ausm bilderbuch!), und hab pro person circa 5 stueck verfuettert. klar, waren kleine aprikosen, aber……

    • …habt ihr genug butterbrösel gefuttert? ;-) wahrscheinlich verdrücke ich immer solche berge davon, daß ich gar keine knödel mehr brauch. wir hatten zu zweit 10 knödel und damit auch noch mittagessen für einen für den nächsten tag. oder der vorher-salat war so sättigend? hmmmmm….

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