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I’ve already told you that my mother is from Austria. So yes… at home, we often had Mehlspeisen. In summer it’s obligatory to make Marillen- and Zwetschgenknödel – sweet dumplings filled with fruit. Of course: my picture isn’t as appealing as it should, but if you want to see Marillenknödel, just ask Mr. Google for […]

Everybody complains about the weather. But hey, today there was sun! (This bright thing in the sky, you know…) So it was a perfect day for a summer salad. I didn’t feel like going to the supermarkets I usually go to, so this time, I went to the Turkish supermarket that’s not far away. Oh, […]

Why did the doors sing “Indian summer”? Ok… “indian” is easier to sing. And maybe the song wasn’t supposed to be about bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. Today, I made Hungarian Summer for my bento. Anikó wrote last year how to make Lecsó (or “Letscho” in German, but this spelling looks a bit gross, I […]