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Some days ago I found again this blog-entry at lamiacucina. And then I dreamed some days of making these Culurgiones. I love the shape! I just wondered a little bit about pasta filled with potatoes and mint. Potatoes in pasta? Mint and tomato sauce? Well… For the potatoes, there was a big pro: as they’re […]

“Eat veggies and fruit”, they say. “It’s good for you”. Well… if you want me to eat more fruit, you have to make a little effort: you have to hide it, if it’s not apples. For example, in a cake. (no, we won’t talk about the benefits of fruit and about drawbacks of the other […]



The recipe says that this are muffins. Rhubarb upside-down muffins. The reality said that I’ve made a cake. Rhubarb-banana-upside-down. Same recipe with just 2 bananas more. Too bad that upside-down-cakes never look really good. At least the ones I’ve made. Maybe I should learn how to decorate them nicely?! But the most important thing is […]