Happiness on top of the bread


It’s elderflower (=Holunderblüten) time! Last year, Anikó posted a recipe for elderflower jelly – I love the taste of elderflower, so I had to try it. (note of the editor: is this getting an Anikó-recipe-copying month? Well…)

And it’s perfect: great taste, easy to make!

Let’s get outdoors and get elderflowers!

Get 25 elderflowers.

Buy 1 liter of good applejuice and one organic grown lemon. And 1,3 kg of jam sugar (1:1).

Grab a large pot, put in the elderflowers (I always cut them with scissors to avoid too many stems (is this the correct word?), which could maybe get bitter or whatever. Cut the lemon in rounds and put it to the elderflowers. Then pour applejuice on top. Let it soak for 24 h to two days.

Drain this mix using a clean dish cloth. Press a little bit to get all of the juice.

Pour the juice into a laaaaarge (!) pot, add the jam sugar. Boil according to the text on the packaging of the sugar (in my case: bring to a boil, boil for 4 minutes, test if it thickens enough on a cold plate). By the way: you need a large pot as there will be a huge amount of foam!

Fill into clean glasses (rinse them with hot water), close the lids immediately and let it cool down.


2 Responses to “Happiness on top of the bread”

  1. 1 Anna-Maria

    and? when do i get my delivery?

  2. elderflowers are in the park, the rest is next to you in the supermarket. or you have to wait until july and to hope that I won’t forget about it :-)

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