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I’ve started to learn how to make Sauce Hollandaise. At home, we’ve never had it, and le gros père was used to have asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise. Well… After having tasted some convenience-sauce Hollandaises, I’ve decided to try how to make it myself. First, I tried a recipe of Julia Child in the book “Mastering […]

It’s elderflower (=Holunderblüten) time! Last year, Anikó posted a recipe for elderflower jelly – I love the taste of elderflower, so I had to try it. (note of the editor: is this getting an Anikó-recipe-copying month? Well…) And it’s perfect: great taste, easy to make! Let’s get outdoors and get elderflowers!

Anikó writes often about Hungarian cuisine. She always explains the words and groups of dishes, and I like reading it – but I wouldn’t be sure how to call my stuff really. Remains the question of pronounciation. However, I call it Kartoffelgulasch. Or Kartoffelpaprikas. To sound more interesting, because if I have well understood, a […]

I’ve got a present from my sister. And it’s so funny that I have to show it to you. Nothing for the kitchen, no… It’s the book “Knit your own Royal Wedding” by Fiona Goble. I haven’t seen the Royal wedding, I haven’t read any news about it, I have missed the kiss – but […]