Summer is coming!


Today I had in my bento box greetings from Moosewood. Having a lazy-cooking-week, I made for the upper part of my box a little side dish: Marinated zucchini.

Nothing complicated, not many dishes (no, I don’t have a dishwasher…), not many ingredients (only a zucchino and things that you’ve got at home anyways) – and not much time for preparing.

All you need is zucchini, olive oil, some vinegar or lemon juice, some herbs (I used dried Basil) and salt and pepper. A knife and a little pan. And soon summer will be in your bento box!

I used:

1 zucchino
1-2 tbslp olive oil
1-2 tblsp vinegar (I used balsamico; you can also use lemon juice)
2 generous pinches of dried basil leaves (Moosewood suggests Basil, Thyme or Mint)
(The original recipe also suggests to use garlic – as I didn’t want to disturb my colleagues, I omitted it…)

Heat the oil in a little pan. Cut the zucchino into halves, then slice them. Sauté the zucchini rounds until you can smell that it’s zucchini. Add salt and pepper, put away from the heat, add vinegar and herbs.


The original recipe can be found in the book “Moosewood Restaurant cooks at home” – a vegetarian cookbook that I really like although it has no pictures. Simple but no boring recipes!

2 Responses to “Summer is coming!”

  1. Stehe auf diese schlichten, puristischen Rezepte! Reste würden dann auch zu Deinem Flammkuchen passen, oder?

    Würde nur einen Hauch Knobi dazu tun, ich finde Zucchini (wie Aubergine) ohne Knobi immer etwas einsam.

  2. ich muß gestehen, ich nutze wenig Knobi, meist aus Angst vor erbosten Kollegen ;-)
    Ich fand’s auch ohne gut, aber mit ist mit Sicherheit überhaupt kein Fehler!!!

    Und ja: einfache Rezepte mag ich auch gern. Kein Schnickschnack…

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