What a great recipe…


Dear Kochschlampe, thank you for such a great recipe! Why don’t I make it more often? It’s easy, it’s quick – and soooo good: Kochschlampe’s Flammkuchen.

Get some sour cream, make a dough, heat the oven and look into your fridge what you could use for a Flammkuchen!

The amount is for 2 people, really for two. Don’t think anything about “oh, the dough is so thin, I’m gonna make more”. (Yes, I did that. I’ve learned!)

Enough talk and hymns, let’s get to the kitchen!


200 g flour (Kochschlampe uses 50% whole meal, I’m a white-flour-user)
3 tblsp oil (Kochschlampe asks for canola oil)
125 ml water

some tblsp sour cream (version for poor people), or Schmand (this would be middle class) or crème fraîche (this is crème de la crème…)

anything you find in the fridge and that you can imagine on top of your Flammkuchen.

In my case, it was

for Flammkuchen 1 (I preferred this version):

one pear
1/2 onion
some slices of brie cheese

Flammkuchen 2 (Not bad, but not an aaaah-and-oooooh-Flammkuchen):

some canned tomatoes (leftovers)
1/2 onion
some canned artichokes (leftovers)
some capers
some Parmigiano

Knead a dough. Mine was pretty soft, so I added some flour to obtain a dough that would be stiff enough to handle, but still soft. Next time I won’t put all of the water at once to the flour. (Didn’t I say something about whole-meal? That’s probably the point. White flour needs less water…)

Put a baking sheet on the lowest level into the oven, and heat the oven as hot as possible.

Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough on top of parchment paper as thin as you can. I didn’t care about creating a nice shape and called it rustic. Spread sour cream on top. Cut whatever you find (onions, veggies, cheese, …) and arrange it on top. Season with salt and pepper.

Put the Flammkuchen into the oven – I place the parchment paper with the dough on top of a cool baking sheet, open the oven and pull the paper (with the Flammkuchen) to the hot, hot, hot baking sheet.

Bake for about 10-15 minutes until the edges are crunchy!

2 Responses to “What a great recipe…”

  1. Ich mach es auch viel zu selten, muss mal wieder ran, nach Ostern dann :-) Deine Birnen-Variante gefällt mir sehr gut!

  2. Hach, mein go-to-Rezept wenn ich gerade keine Idee habe, was ich kochen will oder sofort was richtiges zu Essen haben will.

    Es freut mich, dass es Dir auch gefällt.

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