Pasta – a never ending story


There are many, many ways of making pasta. So many that you’ll never find an end. A new one for me was Pasta with Avocado sauce. I’ve read a recipe in the latest Essen und Trinken, saw then another recipe at Küchengötter and made then my own version.

If you wonder about the shape of the noodles: I’ve made them myself, a dough of semolina and water (no eggs), shaped like shown here. I had read the advise that the dough should not be too soft too late, but never mind.

Here I write about the sauce, so I won’t keep on talking about pasta-shaping.

For the sauce, you need for 2 people:

1 avocado
1 handful of basil leaves
salt, chili powder
about 1/2 tsp grated lemon peel (organic)
about 2-3 tbslp of olive oil
about 1/2 handful of grated Parmigiano
the juice of about 1/2 lemon

The recipes say: put everything in a blender; due to the fact that olive oil can turn bitter when you blend it, I used my good old mortar and pestled it until it got smooth. To make it saucier, add some pasta-boiling-water.

Serve with grated Parmigiano.


2 Responses to “Pasta – a never ending story”

  1. 1 Anna-Maria

    AVOCADO! und PASTA! the two loves of my life finally coming together. what a happy ending…. the only thing missing is tabasco, but that’s an easy fix. THANK YOU!

  2. Maybe you should also omit the Basil leaves to get more of the Avocado-taste, I think, I’m gonna try that next time. I mean: basil leaves? I have them never in my house, anyways…

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