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Today I had in my bento box greetings from Moosewood. Having a lazy-cooking-week, I made for the upper part of my box a little side dish: Marinated zucchini. Nothing complicated, not many dishes (no, I don’t have a dishwasher…), not many ingredients (only a zucchino and things that you’ve got at home anyways) – and […]

More exactly in Bingen. That’s what they told us. We took a breakfast in a café at our little bicycle tour we made during the Easter Holidays. Great weather, great landscape  – and many picknicks. This means: nothing new in the cooking pot…

Dear Kochschlampe, thank you for such a great recipe! Why don’t I make it more often? It’s easy, it’s quick – and soooo good: Kochschlampe’s Flammkuchen. Get some sour cream, make a dough, heat the oven and look into your fridge what you could use for a Flammkuchen! The amount is for 2 people, really […]

There are many, many ways of making pasta. So many that you’ll never find an end. A new one for me was Pasta with Avocado sauce. I’ve read a recipe in the latest Essen und Trinken, saw then another recipe at Küchengötter and made then my own version. If you wonder about the shape of […]