No pictures from Munich


I spent one week in Munich to get rid of my 2010’s holidays. And I was too lazy to take pictures. However there’s much to eat there!

Monday: our personal Biergarten-season opening at the Chinese tower.

Tuesday: Visit of the Hofpfisterei, food at the Ethiopian restaurant Blue Nile. Purchase of an apricot-bread with cashews at Fritz’ Mühlenbäckerei (yummy stuff!)

Wednesday: Shopping at the store of the old mill of Hofbräuhaus. All kinds of flour, semolina, grains, … Great!! And 2 houses on the left, there’s a nice little bakery that uses this flour.

Thursday: Deutsches Museum (no food) and Müller’sches Volksbad (no food, neither, but great place to be lazy!) and a quick yummy Pizza at Pizzesco.

Friday: Food at Nomiya, a Bavarian-Japanese restaurant after mental food in the museums (Pinakotheken)

Saturday: acquisition of a cold (where?!) and great homemade-Pizza with friends.

Sunday: sandwiches made with Hofpfisterei-bread. No gastronomic service of Deutsche Bahn.

A yummy week! And now: cooking again, soon!

One Response to “No pictures from Munich”

  1. Hört sich nach Spaß an! Und nein, man muss nicht immer Photos machen und alles dokumentieren, manchmal sind Erinnerungen genug :-) Hoffe Du konntest Dich gut erholen!

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