Instead of cookies


Today we had an orchestra rehearsal, and usually I make cookies to help everybody to survive the many hours with an instrument in their hands or under the chin. However – yesterday, I was tired. Pretty tired. No motivation to stand in the kitchen baking sheet for sheet of cookies – I was just laaaaazy.

But no cookies? No. Not possible. I should make something. Quite a lot of eggs in the house that I should finally use. I also found some dried apricots, some walnuts and decided to make a cake.

As a base, I used a recipe of one of the Moosewood-books but stayed pretty free in choosing my ingredients and in the way of preparing the cake. So I can’t really cite a source ;-)

It turned out to be quite good, some people took 2 pieces (good sign). I liked the combination of apricots, Grand Marnier and walnuts. I disliked the crust; no I didn’t dislike it, but it was a bit hard and pale (you see the picture, don’t you?). Maybe this was due to the high amount of sugar and the pretty low temperature I used (about 160°C, don’t ask me why I did that).


That’s what I’ve done:


250 g dried apricots
200 g walnuts

soak the apricots in 1/4 cup (about 70 ml) Grand Marnier. (Optimum: overnight; minimum: I did it for about 5 minutes ;-)


Prepare a loaf pan and preheat the oven (about 175°C)

In a mixing bowl, mix together

1/2 cup oil (about 125 ml)
4 eggs
a pinch of salt
1,5 cups sugar (=350 ml, next time, I’m going to use a bit less)

until everything’s foamy.

Stir together

2 cups flour (=about 500 ml)
1 tblsp baking powder

Using a wooden spoon, stir the flour into the egg-mix. Add the apricots (with all of the Grand Marnier) and the walnuts.

Fill the batter in the prepared pan an bake the cake about 45-60 minutes until it’s done (use a toothpick to test: If it’s dry with no dough, the cake is done)!

2 Responses to “Instead of cookies”

  1. Although this looks like a pretty good solution to the cookie problem, should you find yourself again in a similar postion, may I suggest making these cookies?

    From start to finish they take about 10-12 minutes to make. They’re probabaly the fastest home made cookies I ever encountered.

    • the next orchestra rehearsal will come. For sure. With havreflarn! I was just fearing the baking of the cookies – I was feeling more like putting everything together, put it quickly in a pan, put it in the oven and forget about it for about 1 hour (while not moving at all. Remains of the winter sleep, you know…

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