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When Anikó wrote about Okonomiyaki, I got peckish. And finally I made it to prepare some, too. It was one year ago that I got to know them when a friend who had lived in Japan for about 1 year invited us for an evening with Japanese food, and we also had Okonomiyaki, the Japanese […]

I spent one week in Munich to get rid of my 2010’s holidays. And I was too lazy to take pictures. However there’s much to eat there! Monday: our personal Biergarten-season opening at the Chinese tower. Tuesday: Visit of the Hofpfisterei, food at the Ethiopian restaurant Blue Nile. Purchase of an apricot-bread with cashews at […]

I’ve never really liked cabbage salad. However, I’m learning to cope with it. Regional and seasonal cuisine is asking for cabbage-use. Since I’ve read that it’s advisable to knead the cut cabbage with salt to soften it, my dislike for cabbage salad is getting less. In Nicky’s book “delicious days” I’ve found a recipe for […]

Ash wednesday. 40 days of lent are ahead of me. This year, lent will be respected: no sweets! Nothing of these sweets I’m eating the whole day at work, all this chocolate, cookies, cakes – nothing. No hot chocolate, no desserts (except fruits). Nothing of all this until Easter Sunday. And yes, I’m gonna make […]

Today we had an orchestra rehearsal, and usually I make cookies to help everybody to survive the many hours with an instrument in their hands or under the chin. However – yesterday, I was tired. Pretty tired. No motivation to stand in the kitchen baking sheet for sheet of cookies – I was just laaaaazy. […]