Quick comfort food


Nothing special in my kitchen – or rather: nearly nothing at all in my kitchen. These weeks, I’m often away from home, so there’s no time for cooking. In addition, my kitchen sink doesn’t work – big repairs are waiting for next week. So dishwashing-intensive food is uncool.

However, last week, I was hungry. So I grabbed some potatoes, some carrots, an onion and some beans and decided to make something that I could call “Stamppot” and tell everybody, that it’s Dutch food…

Well – maybe it’s not completely correct, but the principle that’s said by the name is fulfilled… I know, the meaning of “photogenic” doesn’t correspond to this food, but who cares? It tastes good!

A recipe? Not really needed:

Peel some potatoes (how many? Ask your appetite) and cut them in cubes
peel about 2 carrots and cut them in cubes
Grab 1-2 handfuls of frozen green beans

Make everything boil in water until tender. I steamed it (yeah, all the vitamines and all this health stuff, you know).

Meanwhile cut an onion into rings and sauté it slowly (about 20 minutes or even longer) in a little bit of fat (vegetarian: butter; vegan: oil).

Then stir everything together and mash it (no blender!), season with salt and pepper.

Sit down on your couch, eat it with a spoon, watch a movie and feel good.


5 Responses to “Quick comfort food”

  1. Comfort Food at its best! At least for me! If I can’t eat anything because I’m heartbroken or something like this, mashed potatoes still work :-)

  2. 3 Moritz

    Mmmmm, lovely! A classic here in the lowlands. The nice thing is that you can make stamppot with just about everything you happen to have in the house. A dutch classic is the combination with endives: just cut them up finely and mix them into the readily mashed and seasoned potatoes. I happened to post a photo of my version on Flickr a while ago :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/moritzbernoully/3690467282/

    • …I should copy your picture… There it looks like real chef-food from a restaurant cited it the guide Michelin!
      Mine is more the couch-potato-version :-P

  1. 1 Fözelék? Gulasch? Potato soup? What is this? « la grosse mere

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