Mushroom Salad Chakall-style


Yes, I’m also testing my new cookbooks!

This is an easy mushroom salad which I found in the book “Chakall kocht” – I was a little surprised that the dressing only consists of cream, but yes, it wasn’t bad. I would say that I’m gonna make this salad again. It’s easy and different from my “normal” every-day-salads. Don’t omit the garlic! And don’t omit the herbes de Provence.

For 2 servings, take

200g mushrooms

about 1/2 handful of parsley

100 g of cream
salt, pepper
1/2 tblsp herbes de Provence
1-2 garlic cloves

Clean the mushrooms, cut them in quarters. Wash the parsley, chop it. Put everything into a big bowl, press the garlic and add it (well… the book says to chop them finely. I’m a garlic-presser…). Add the cream, season with herbes de Provence, salt, and pepper.


One Response to “Mushroom Salad Chakall-style”

  1. … at first sight I assumed it was a typo and you meant to write ‘Chagall’. Then I dutifully followed the link and found out that you meant someone else entirely.

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