I love it. Pasta with sage is just something great. Not only because it’s quick and easy to make – this taste of the sage, oh, hmmmmm…

Don’t wonder about the picture. The sage is hidden in this lump of noodles topped with cheese…

I found a recipe for a quick butter-sauce watching Polettos Kochschule while ironing my blouses (what a stupid work…).

All you need is pasta for you, of course. Some veggie stock, some butter, some sage leaves, salt, pepper and – of course – grated Parmigiano.

A perfect thing also for only one person!

you need:

your personally optimized amount of pasta (about 100-125 g)

100 ml veggie stock
some leaves of sage (maybe 4-5)
25 g butter
salt, pepper

grated Parmigiano


Cook the pasta.

Meanwhile, cut the sage leaves in some stripes. Bring the veggie stock and the sage to a boil. Cut the butter into little pieces, add it to the boiling stock. Let reduce the mix while the pasta is cooking. Adjust seasoning.

Drain the pasta, add it to the sauce. Top with grated Parmigiano. Add some freshly ground pepper.


It’s really easy, isn’t it?


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