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Nothing special in my kitchen – or rather: nearly nothing at all in my kitchen. These weeks, I’m often away from home, so there’s no time for cooking. In addition, my kitchen sink doesn’t work – big repairs are waiting for next week. So dishwashing-intensive food is uncool. However, last week, I was hungry. So […]

Yes, I’m also testing my new cookbooks! This is an easy mushroom salad which I found in the book “Chakall kocht” – I was a little surprised that the dressing only consists of cream, but yes, it wasn’t bad. I would say that I’m gonna make this salad again. It’s easy and different from my […]

Breizh da viken


…this means Brittany forever. It’s a great region in France, and if you go there, you should eat galettes (buckwheat pancakes) and crêpes (I call them Palatschinken, it’s not exactly the same, but close enough). If you have crêpes, eat them with caramel sauce. Made with salted butter. The caramel sauce is great, but not […]

I love it. Pasta with sage is just something great. Not only because it’s quick and easy to make – this taste of the sage, oh, hmmmmm… Don’t wonder about the picture. The sage is hidden in this lump of noodles topped with cheese… I found a recipe for a quick butter-sauce watching Polettos Kochschule […]