A new man in the house…


Last weekend we met with some friends – and Kati brought me a late birthday-present: a new cookbook! I have never heard about Chakall, but now he’s in my house. No, his book only. Many recipes that seem to be yummy – often not very complicated and with not too many special ingredients.

(The topic “ingredients” is pretty important to me: two weeks ago I was cleaning up the cupboards in my kitchen and I found tons of things that I’ve used only once duringthe  last year. I should reduce my variety of ingredients and find a bigger variety of interesting recipes with similar ingredients instead! Just to mention spices – how many have I used regularly during the last year? How much do I really need?)

Back to Chakall – an Argentinian chef who lives in Berlin now (to put it in a nutshell… if you want to knwo more, read here).

However – I will tell you about my adventures with the new man book at my side!


Thank you, Kati!


One Response to “A new man in the house…”

  1. 1 Mushroom Salad Chakall-style « la grosse mere

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