Not bad or never again?


Sometimes I make some excursions to the vegan kitchen. So I tried to make some mayonnaise using silken tofu (in Germany known as Seidentofu), a little bit of oil and some other ingredients. Purpose: potato salad northern style.

Every Bavarian would tell you that potato salad would be vegan anyways (as long as you don’t add bacon or some kind of animal stock) but in Northern Germany, potato salad is made with mayonnaise. I like both of them.

When tasting the vegan mayo I’d made, I thought “never again”. You can’t hide soy beans. You just can’t. Or can you? When the salad has been finished, it was ok (which means: quite good) – so if you want to make vegan mayonnaise potato salad, go for it. If it doesn’t have to be vegan or if you just fear the taste of soy beans, use just ordinary mayonnaise. Or a mayo made with milk. Or mayo from the next supermarket.

The recipe? Well… Hard to tell exact amounts…

Boil potatoes (for 1 bowl of salad, use about 1 kg of potatoes)

with a hend-held blender, mix about
1/2 cake of silken tofu (=200g)
1-2 tsp mustard
1/2 tsp sugar
salt (to taste)
1-2 tsp vinegar

then add by droplets about 1-2 tblsp of neutral tasting oil while keeping on blending until you’ve obtained something that seems to be mayonnaise.

If you wish, add pressed garlic, season with salt and pepper.

Or just take some tblsp (about 6) of mayo.

Chop about 1/2-1 onion (I used scallions)
and about 10 small pickles (decide about the amount according to your taste)

I also added some capers.
You could also add some chopped bell peppers, tomatoes, … whatever you find, whatever you like.

Mix the mayonnaise with some tblsp (about 3) of the water in which the pickles have had their bath. It can be quite liquid. (The potatoes will absorb some of the liquid so don’t be too afraid!)

Peel the potatoes, cut them in rounds. Stir carefully everything together and let it sit for a while. You’re done!

4 Responses to “Not bad or never again?”

  1. Trotz Gewöhnung höchst interessant! Muss es unbedingt mal ausprobieren. Wollte auch mal Mousse au Chocolat mit Tofu machen. Denke Tofu-Experimente sind jetzt angebracht.

    • ich bin eigentlich kein soja-fan und pur auch kein soja-mayo-fan. aber der kartoffelsalat kann so weniger fettig sein und hat doch den mayo-charakter :-)

  2. Tofu ist ja nicht so meins, aber die Idee find ich gut!

    • ich teste immer wieder, was für meinen Geschmack geht und was nicht… In manchen Versionen finde ich Tofu eßbar, in manchen muß ich ihn absolut nicht haben…

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