Mr Parmentier and the French way to make veggie-soup


I’ve started reading Julie&Julia. The first recipe mentioned in the book is Soupe Parmentier – which is also the very first recipe in the cookbook “Mastering the art of French Cooking”. Having a big cold, I had no choice: I needed soup! So I got quickly leeks and potatoes and started to make the soup.

Before, I was wondering who Mr or Mme Parmentier has been – I know hachis parmentier (a casserole well known in France) and now there comes a soup with the same name? We ask Mr. Google. He helped: Here I found out that Mr Parmentier hasn’t been a cook, but a pharmacist and lived from 1723-1813. He brought the potato on top of French tables – before they had been only in feeding troughs for animals. Great man. (I do love potatoes!)

I was – and I am still – a bit sceptic about the way of making this soup. Usually I would sauté the veggies and then add the liquid like in my favorite potato soup. – Here, you chop the veggies, boil them in salted water and add some butter. That’s basically everything. Yes, it’s easier: chop the veggies, bring them to a boil, lower the heat and leave the kitchen. But…. I think, soup can still be tastier.

However – it’s easy and it’s not soooo bad (in fact – it’s very tasty if you think that it’s only veggies boiled in salted water), so here’s the recipe for 2 hungry people:

250 g potatoes
250 g leek
1 l water
1/2 tblsp salt
1 tblsp butter (next time, I’m going to use less)

Chop potatoes and leeks. Put them in a pot, add water and salt. Bring to a boil, then let it simmer for about 40 minutes until the veggies are tender.

Mash everything with a fork – don’t use a blender, it should still be a bit chunky!

Stir in the butter.

Serve with some chives, if you want.


2 Responses to “Mr Parmentier and the French way to make veggie-soup”

  1. Gute Besserung und Danke für’s vorbeischauen. Hast Du denn das Buch “Mastering the art of French Cooking”? Falls ja, ist es empfehlenswert oder eher Oldschool? btw habe weder den Film noch das Buch dazu gelesen – bin also vollkommen unvoreingenommen.

    • Danke, ist schon wieder besser geworden :-)
      das Buch habe ich mit dem Buch zusammen bekommen – es ist klassisch französische Küche und alles eher umständlich hergestellt, wenn ich das recht überblicke (Speck vorher in Wasser ein bißchen simmern, dann abtrocknen, dann schneiden, dann anbrutzeln und so weiter.) – ich hab’s zu Weihnachten bekommen und noch nicht viel Kocherfahrung damit. Es ist auf jeden Fall viel drin erklärt! Ich berichte weiter… ;-)

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