And again new friends in the house…


Yes, it was Christmas. And yes, I got presents. And surprise, surprise: I got presents for the kitchen, too!

First of all, a cutting board which I got from my mom:











Well… it’s not an ordinary cutting board. It’s a cutting board with legs. My table in the kitchen is pretty low, so cutting in the height of my table is not very comfortable. That’s why I use always my laundry-machine as a base for cutting. But now it will be perfect: even if the table is filled with cooking stuff, I can place my new cutting board there and chop easily the veggies!










My sister gave me cute egg cups with little hats to keep the eggs warm:















I like the hat of Piella, which is specially shaped for her hairstyle:












My other sister gave me books. First the novel “Julie & Julia” – I haven’t seen the movie, but now I can read the book:












and she found the cookbook for the book – well now, the cookbook was first, but who cares – the perfect combination!












I’ll keep you informed about the book and my cooking experience with both of the books…

…to mom and sisters a big Thank you!!!

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