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Don’t ask. Please don’t ask me if this is a mix of chocolate, butter and cream to make a chocolate glaze. Don’t ask me, if I’ve melted the chocolate in a double boiler (in Germany known as Wasserbad). It’s late in the evening and I wanted to be quick. But from now on, things change: […]

Last weekend we met with some friends – and Kati brought me a late birthday-present: a new cookbook! I have never heard about Chakall, but now he’s in my house. No, his book only. Many recipes that seem to be yummy – often not very complicated and with not too many special ingredients. (The topic […]

Sometimes I make some excursions to the vegan kitchen. So I tried to make some mayonnaise using silken tofu (in Germany known as Seidentofu), a little bit of oil and some other ingredients. Purpose: potato salad northern style. Every Bavarian would tell you that potato salad would be vegan anyways (as long as you don’t […]

I’ve started reading Julie&Julia. The first recipe mentioned in the book is Soupe Parmentier – which is also the very first recipe in the cookbook “Mastering the art of French Cooking”. Having a big cold, I had no choice: I needed soup! So I got quickly leeks and potatoes and started to make the soup. […]

I know – it’s pasta again. Maybe you’ll be bored some day, but this is a recipe which is simple, quick, and very good! It started with a bunch of Swiss chard (Mangold) and appetite for pasta. So I started to search the internet for pasta with Swiss chard. I found pretty similar recipes here […]