diligent Manovelletta…


Manovelletta is cooperating pretty well. She doesn’t have to learn, she knows her business. The one who has to learn, is me.

Last week I quickly made some red pasta. A pasta dough with one tblsp of tomato puree to get everything red – this changed quite a bit the consistency of the pasta dough – so that’s where I need some exercise. (Recipes will follow as soon as I’ll have more experience!)

Then I had this pasta with a finely chopped tomato, a little bit of garlic, juice of 1/2 lemon, a little bit of chopped onion, some drops of olive oil and – of course! – freshly grated Parmigiano. Nothing really special, but yummy.

And I’m sure that I’m going to ask Manovelletta soon to help me again for making pasta!

One Response to “diligent Manovelletta…”

  1. Freut mich sehr zu sehen, dass Manovelletta so gute Arbeit leistet! Muss auch mal Nudeln selbst machen! Küchenwerkzeuge wollen auch benutzt werden, ich muss dringend mal Rezepte für meinen Standmixer raussuchen und nachbasteln, jetzt wo der Geschmackssinn fast komplett wieder da ist :-)

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