Cool stuff, new friends


I’ve got new friends in my kitchen!

I’m now the proud owner of a pasta machine – and the name I gave her is Manovelletta. Le gros père gave it to me for my birthday, and as he knows that I’m fond of kitchen tools and as he is fond of everything with a crank handle, this is a perfect gift! If you want to know why she got her name, just ask a dictionary for the Italian word manovella. Guess, what I’m gonna make to eat this weekend… (no, not potatoes.)

And there came another little package from Spain – my viola-friend Katrin who is living in Barcelona sent me a box of fridge magnets to manage my stocks – of course, the first thing on the “don’t forget”-side is chocolate!

And my colleagues gave me a gift certificate for a kitchen store. Great! I’m not sure yet, what it will be – there are many, many possibilities!


To put it in a nutshell: Thanks!!!

One Response to “Cool stuff, new friends”

  1. Alles Liebe und Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag! Sehr schönes Geschenk! Haben wir offensichtlich fast gleichtagig Geburtstag!
    Und ja auch bei mir sind Küchenwerkzeuge sehr gerne gesehen (Standmixer von Frau Mama und Herrn Papa *g*).

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