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Manovelletta is cooperating pretty well. She doesn’t have to learn, she knows her business. The one who has to learn, is me. Last week I quickly made some red pasta. A pasta dough with one tblsp of tomato puree to get everything red – this changed quite a bit the consistency of the pasta dough […]

Ok. They look in the picture more like dogs that have been playing in orange mud – but in reality they are crocodiles who look like having played in orange mud. No, that’s not correct: in reality (surprise, surprise), they are very yummy cookies! My mother got the recipe from a friend, so I don’t […]

I’ve got new friends in my kitchen! I’m now the proud owner of a pasta machine – and the name I gave her is Manovelletta. Le gros père gave it to me for my birthday, and as he knows that I’m fond of kitchen tools and as he is fond of everything with a crank […]

Christmas is coming – every year it’s getting a little faster. But yes, I’ve made it! I’ve started the cookie-season! There is one dough I like for evening-baking: Mürbteig, this cookie-dough with lots of butter. You prepare the dough, put it in the fridge and when you find time during the next days, you can […]

It’s cold outside, it’s time for soup. And after all these sweet recipes (and yes… Christmas cookies are waiting for being made!) the blog needed something different: a sauerkraut soup. It’s a Croatian recipe of the book “sundays at Moosewood’s restaurant” – but I think, in future I will make some modifications. Anyways, it’s a […]