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Sending birthday cakes by mail is not really easy: Will the cake arrive in a nice-looking status? How much time will the transport take? Will the cake be edible? Questions, questions, questions. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is surely not the right answer. And while everybody else is already posting recipes of Christmas cookies, I finally post a […]



Yesterday I went home from work and I was hungry. I didn’t feel like cooking. But after a monday of sandwiches (morning, lunch and evening, and nothing else except some coffee) I needed some “real” food. As there was nothing in the fridge, I had to get the groceries. And I found what I needed: […]

I think, for me a compote has never been a real dessert. At home we mostly had it with Mehlspeisen like Grießschmarrn or Kaiserschmarrn or other things. Last time I was looking for a dessert which shouldn’t be too heavy but a sweet finish for a meal. Fruity, not creamy, maybe something to begin the […]