Cucumber week in la grosse mere’s house!


Years ago I spent 3 months in Canada – where I got to know hot dogs with relish – a sort of pickled cucumbers that you don’t have to cut anymore, as it’s saucy. Perfect for lazy sandwich-artists!

As I haven’t found any Relishes in Germany but only recipes, I decided to make it myself. It’s easy (of course…) to make and tastes like in North America, I think. Well, ok, I didn’t make the comparison between the two at the same time, so who knows. But it reminds me of Canada and my daily school sandwich there.

Last week, I could get cheap cucumbers (that’s why I made two times cucumber sauce and now this relish…). As my relish stocks were finished, I made some new:

4 cucumbers
4 onions
4 tblsp salt
1 red bell pepper

3/4 cup of sugar (180 ml)
1,5 cups of vinegar (375 ml)
2 tbslp of mustard seeds
1 tblsp of turmeric (=Kurkuma)
a dash of chili powder

Grate the cucumbers and the onions finely as well as the bell pepper. Stir in 4 tblsp of salt, knead a little bit with your hands and put it in a large sieve. Let it drain for about an hour.

Then crush the mustard seeds in the mortar.

Put the veggies with spices, sugar and vinegar into a large pot and bring to a boil. Let it boil until most of the liquid has evaporated (maybe 15-20 minutes?). Don’t forget to stir once in a while.

Then mix the starch with a little bit of water, add this mix to the veggis and let it boil once again.

Fill the hot mix into clean glasses, close them. I put them in the pressure cooker and sterilize (to be correct: I don’t know, if I really kill all of the microbes, but I believe in it ;-) So maybe I only pasteurize it?) it: I put the glasses into the pot, add about 1/4 of the height of the glasses of water, close the pot and boil until it reaches the second temperature ring. Then I continue at this temperature for about 3 minutes and switch off the stove. When it has cooled, I get the glasses out of the pot.


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