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I was hungry for a yeast-cake with nuts. In my family, each sunday we had a cake – often baked with yeast. One day (to be exact, the 9th september 1990, this date is written in my mum’s cookbook) my mother tried a new recipe and made a yeast-cake filled with a nut- or almond-filling. […]

It was about 10 years ago when I shared an appartment with 3 others in Munich. One of them, Joachim, made one day a pumpkin soup that became a classic among his friends. Eat this thick and creamy soup as a full meal. As I am lazy, I always use Hokkaido pumpkin which you don’t […]

Years ago I spent 3 months in Canada – where I got to know hot dogs with relish – a sort of pickled cucumbers that you don’t have to cut anymore, as it’s saucy. Perfect for lazy sandwich-artists! As I haven’t found any Relishes in Germany but only recipes, I decided to make it myself. […]

When I spent my year in France, I sometimes made a quick sauce of cucumbers that you can serve with boiled potatoes or with rice. Quick and easy. Some years later, my phone rang and it was Matthias, one of the group of foreign students during my stay in France. “Well… we are in the […]

Sometimes you come home, you are tired, you don’t feel like cooking for much time, but you need hot, comforting food. For this case, Nicky’s “Notfall-Pasta” in her book “Delicious Days” is a perfect thing: no long chopping, cutting, preparing, …: just make sure to have an organic grown lime (no lemon), pasta, olive oil […]