One week in Bremen


No, I haven’t written anything last week. I was in Bremen. No holidays – for work. But of course, it felt a little bit like holidays, too. And of course I had to try all the yummie stuff in the bakeries.

I had great weather – so I had a rasperry-cream-cake at the banks of the Weser.

Of course, I also had to try mor typical food. Bremer Klaben (a little bit like Stollen – a yeast dough and lots of raisins), Bremer Kaffeebrot (little dried slices of sweet yeast bread with tons of butter and sugar mixed with cinnamom) – and Schnoorkuller. I don’t know, how typical they are, but they are great: meringue (which I usually don’t like) with a very hmmm… light nougat cream. Mmmmmmh! The woman in the bakery let me taste one of them and convinced me quite easily to buy them…

And then I bought a piece of Mohnzauber, a cake of Backstube Bremen. Nothing really extraordinary, but very good. I think, I bought it only for the design, this black-and-white-cake could make me watch it the whole day long. And have you seen the edges? These perfect edges? Yes, I could watch this cake for a long time, I think. (Do I have to see a doctor?) – However in the end, it ended in my stomach. This was very good, too…

And now I can watch the pictures – but no, it was nicer in reality. Hard to take a picture of it.

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