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In the book “Delicious days” by Nicole Stich (the author of this blog) is a recipe for risotto with gorgonzola and apple. I had to try it – it was very good. But sometimes, I don’t feel like risotto, so I make pasta with gorgonzola and apple. Easy, tasty, interesting: the sweet apple matches perfectly […]

A sweet Quickie


In Sweden I could have eaten them anywhere: rum or coconut balls, but I didn’t dare to test them: they were huge (about the size of a handful – a whole-day meal) and I feared margarine with vanilla-taste which is often used in bakeries. So I didn’t buy any. Back in Germany, I got my […]

Greetings! The Count von Count (in Germany known as Graf Zahl) is living in my appartment. And he was longing for food from home. The Transylvanian Deli was too far away, so I prepared Zacusca with him – a Romanian (I’m not sure, if it’s even Transylvanian) preparation of veggies that you can use as […]

Yes, we were in Sweden. And I haven’t eaten any köttbullar – weird, eh? However, we did more café-hopping than restaurant-hopping: of course, we started with kanelbullar – yummie cinnamom buns with cardamom. And coffee…

two weeks…


…of cinnamom buns and köttbullar are waiting for me!  As well as fresh air, camping cuisine, I hope some sun and tons of new things. If I find some good food (I always find something!), I’ll let you know!