Jam session


It was during summer last year when I read somewhere about tomato jam. Tomato jam? It was written that you can find it in Portugal and Spain. I’ve never been in Portugal, and I’ve never seen it in Spain, but I was sure that I had to try it. After I’ve tried it, I decided, that I have to remake it again – I like it’s taste, and everyone who got a glass last year was first surprised (Tomato jam?!) but liked it. It’s sweet and not like tomato juice or whatever you may think how it tastes. Maybe a little bit like rosehip jam.

This year I made it again. I admit: last year’s version was better. Maybe because the jelly-stuff was better, maybe the tomatoes had more taste; I don’t know. However I like it nevertheless!

For 4-5 ordinary jelly glasses you need:

1 kg of good-taste-tomatoes
500 g of sugar
1 package of gelling agent for jam (I buy it in the organic-food-store; this year I needed more for the jam, so make sure to have 1 additional package in the house before starting)
1 organic lemon

First of all, peel the tomatoes. For this, cut them crosswise on top, put them in a bowl and pour boiling water over them. Then wait some minutes, drain and rinse with cold water unless you’ve got enough cornea on your fingers… Then you can peel them easily. Cut them in quarters, cut away the hard stuff on top and put them in a large pot.

Add the sugar and the gelling agent, the peel and the juice of the lemon as well as the vanilla (for knowing how much, just taste and add as much as you want), bring everything to a boil and let it boil for some minutes. When the tomatoes have softened enough, puree everything with a hand blender and continue boiling.

Test, if the jam has already the perfect consistency: put a little drop on a plate, let it cool and decide if that’s the consistency you wish. Don’t be too lazy or optimistic: I thought “oh well, maybe a little liquid, but when it will have really cooled down, it will be fine”. I put the jam in glasses and found out the next day, that I had more or less sweet tomato sauce in the glasses, but no jam. So I put all the jam out of the glasses and again in the pot…… Believe me: it would have been better to decide directly to add more of the gelling stuff…

When you’re satisfied, put the jam in clean glasses, close them quickly and put them upside-down for some minutes. (Well… I couldn’t explain, why exactly you have to do this, but as it’s described in every jam recipe, I do it. Kind of lemming-style-cooking. I should do some research!)


One Response to “Jam session”

  1. Sounds really delicious. And as I’ve missed a lot of the traditional jams… this is a likely candidate to fill any gaps in the pantry.

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