cold soup for hot summer days


Right now it’s too hot to cook. Is it? Well… yes. But it’s not too hot to prepare a cold, refreshing soup! I got to know this dish two years ago in Lithuania. I ordered it in a restaurant for simple reasons of curiosity – and then I had to do a long research for recipes for this perfect summer dish. Quick, easy, no stove needed.

Oh yes, a stove is needed for serving it correctly: peel some potatoes and boil them in salted water. As I’m not from Lithuania, I could also cope with a slice of bread instead of potatoes, though I prefer potatoes.

For 3-4 persons you need:

500g of boiled beetroot (I buy them already boiled)
1 cucumber
1 bunch of fresh dill (can’t be omitted, it seemed to me that dill is obligatory for any dish in Lithuania)
1 bunch of parsley (normal-supermarket-size – I omitted it as I didn’t find any)
500 ml of kefir
500 ml of buttermilk
salt, pepper
2 hard boiled eggs

Grate beetroot and cucumber (you don’t need to peel it). Add kefir and milk. Chop the herbs, add them. Cut the eggs into cubes and add them as well. Season with salt and pepper. Stir well, Put the bowl in the fridge and chill well.

…and then enjoy your meal! Either with boiled potatoes or with bread…


5 Responses to “cold soup for hot summer days”

  1. Oh – sounds really good. Although I’d omit the eggs.

    I’m a bit weird and eat eggs only where I can’t see them, i.e. cakes etc.

    • …you’re not alone, one of my colleages is quite the same concerning egg-eating-habits. I don’t know if this phenomenon has a name, but it exists more often ;-)

  2. Sounds awesome! I do really love beetroot! Need to do this one, after the holidays :-)

  3. 4 Anna-Maria

    i made it and i love it!!! i added radieschen and corn, and had it with the potatoes… so good!!!

  4. 5 Ute

    simply fantastic! boilt the beetroot myself – unbelievably they do taste even better that way. I used to hate beetroot as a child but now adore it. the soup really is perfect in our current hot weather ..

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