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I like Thai-style curries with coconut milk. Sometimes. Not every week. Most recipes ask for curry paste, then you buy a pot of curry paste, use it once – and then it starts its sad life of waiting for the next use in the fridge. One pot of curry paste is just too much for […]

Jam session


It was during summer last year when I read somewhere about tomato jam. Tomato jam? It was written that you can find it in Portugal and Spain. I’ve never been in Portugal, and I’ve never seen it in Spain, but I was sure that I had to try it. After I’ve tried it, I decided, […]

What you see in the picture is a French recipe made with Italian and Swiss cheese (oh, it’s even beyond the borders of the European Union!) and a lot of ingredients made in Germany. I got a big piece of Gorgonzola, and a perfect way to use it, is to make a Tarte au fromage. […]



I don’t know any more when I had my first Taboulé, but I know that it was in France. It’s a perfect summer salad and it’s perfect for a bento – well chilled for hot summer days. Of course, there are different versions to make a Taboulé. From a Lebanese colleague I learned that the […]

Right now it’s too hot to cook. Is it? Well… yes. But it’s not too hot to prepare a cold, refreshing soup! I got to know this dish two years ago in Lithuania. I ordered it in a restaurant for simple reasons of curiosity – and then I had to do a long research for […]