Spanish breakfast


Two weeks ago I was in Barcelona to visit a friend there. And of course I had to eat tostadas con tomate (or pan con tomate) which I got to know some years ago in Madrid.

It’s easy and soooooo yummie! I love it for breakfast with a cup of good coffee – as I had it often during holidays in Spain.

All you need is white bread (e. g. a roll – you can also use bread from the day before), good olive oil, a tomato and maybe a clove of garlic.

Cut the bread in slices (or the roll in halves) and toast it until its surface is crispy. If you want to have it with garlic, cut a clove of garlic in halves and rub the surface of the bread with the garlic. Grate the tomatoe finely. The result will be a sort of tomato sauce.

Drizzle olive oil over the bread, then spread the grated tomato on top – close your eyes, imagine being in Spain and enjoy your tostada con tomate!

4 Responses to “Spanish breakfast”

  1. Ich weiß, was ich mir morgen zum Frühstück mache :-) Weißbrot hab ich als gute Halb-Ungarin eh fast immer da und Tomaten sind ja persönliche Lieblinge meinerseits, so dass sie auch immer in der Küche leben :-)

  2. Und das seh ich ja jetzt erst! Genau den Eierbecher hab ich auch, letztes Ostern von Frau Mama geschenkt bekommen! Und eigentlich brauche ich auch noch so ‘ne Hein-Blöd-Tasse *gg*

  3. Sounds grate great.
    And I always assumed, the Spanish would eat about as much brakfast as the Italians, i.e. some sort of coffee and a biskuit.

    • You’ll surely find the coffee-and-biscuit-breakfast in Spain, too… Actually, I’m not sure if there’s a typical Spanish breakfast – for me, it’s tostadas con tomate, even if it’s maybe eaten during the whole day ;-)
      Once I saw someone in Spain who had a fried egg and deep fried bread for breakfast – tha’s possible, too… I was staring at him quite amazed while I was nibbling a biscuit (as I’m often a no-breakfast-person…)

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