Make them happy: potatoes in their skins


Believe me: they will be happy. Boil some potatoes in their skins, serve them with salad and add Claudia’s curd (Quark): the potatoes will say “thank you” and offer you a good and simple meal.

Years ago I prepared potatoes with Claudia. I wanted to start to mix some ingredients for curd with herbs, but she said “stop. There’s only one way to make a curd for potatoes.”. Since then, I agree with her.

Ok, no, I don’t. However: it’s a good mix!

For 1-2 persons use

250 g of curd (Quark)
3 tblsp of milk
salt, pepper
1/4 of a small onion
1,5 tbsp of dried marjoram (Majoran)

With a normal spoon, mix together curd and milk until creamy. Season with salt and pepper. Chop the onion very very very finely, add them as well as the marjoram.


5 Responses to “Make them happy: potatoes in their skins”

  1. 1 moritz

    Another great way of making potatoes happy: eat them with asparagus and the vinaigrette from the previous post. They’ll be rejoicing on your tongue!

    • …but when the asapargus-season is gone, this is a very consoling companion for the poor potatoes…
      I realize: we know so little about the inner life of potatoes!

  2. Ein Lieblingsessen meiner Mutti. Gab es bei uns zuhause oefters und habe es aus diesem Grunde noch NIE selbst zubereitet. Vielleicht sollte ich diesem Gericht doch noch mal eine neue Chance geben? Well, we will see.

  3. Oh no!
    My potatos in their skins mostly must make do with curd with dried thyme, bell pepper dices and spring onion. And they never even told me, those little round things.

    • Don’t worry, this sounds good, too!! So I suppose they were fine with their plate-companions you gave them. That’s why they didn’t talk to you, I think.

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