Good food from the hospital


Yes, it’s possible. Sometimes you find good food in hospitals. In Angers, where I did an internship in the hospital kitchen, I found out that I don’t dislike rice pudding (Milchreis). It’s just a question of the preparation. So I asked the cooks how to make it. Their answer: Don’t boil it too quickly, just let it simmer. And don’t increase the rice-milk-ratio.

Since then, I like this dessert. So here I tell you how to make it!

ingredients for 2 persons as a dessert:
500 ml milk
40 g rice for fice pudding
30-40 g sugar (depends on how sweet you want to make it)

In a pot, bring all of the ingredients to a boil, then reduce the heat  (On my electric stove I take 0,5 of 3, just to give you a hint) and let it simmer for 40-60 minutes until the rice is done and your rice pudding is very creamy.

You can serve it with fruits (in the picture I used some jam – I don’t advise you to do this, it was veeeery sweet.)

Important: stir often enough, milk loves to burn…

2 Responses to “Good food from the hospital”

  1. I thought the secret was to make pice pudding in the oven. No stirring, low heat and meltingly good?

    • Oh! ok – I did’nt know this way of making rice pudding, but I will do some research. No stirring sounds very appealing to me ;-)
      Thank you for this hint!

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