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There are probably no differences between a tarte au citron and a lemon bar. I prefer little bars, as I found in my cookie book (“The ultimate cookie book” of Better Homes and Gardens) – they are pretty sweet, pretty sour and pretty good, but a whole piece of it like a piece of a […]

Two weeks ago I was in Barcelona to visit a friend there. And of course I had to eat tostadas con tomate (or pan con tomate) which I got to know some years ago in Madrid. It’s easy and soooooo yummie! I love it for breakfast with a cup of good coffee – as I […]

…but also good food. And easy to prepare. I usually use it to make Taboulé (yes, I’ll give you one day the recipe for my Taboulé), but in one of the famous Moosewood-Books (Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special) I found an interesting recipe for a bulghur salad with spinach and artichokes. Of course, I didn’t buy […]

It’s always the same: you need just a little bit of parsley. You go to the grocery store and buy a bunch as you can’t buy less. Then you use some leaves. And the remains? Well, they become part of a sad story. With this salad not any more! It’s a recipe of “Die Küche […]

Believe me: they will be happy. Boil some potatoes in their skins, serve them with salad and add Claudia’s curd (Quark): the potatoes will say “thank you” and offer you a good and simple meal. Years ago I prepared potatoes with Claudia. I wanted to start to mix some ingredients for curd with herbs, but […]