Let your oven work


This is one of the recipes of a good friend: Britta’s Kartoffelgratin (au gratin potatoes). It’s very easy, very simple, and very good food (These are the recipes I love!). The only thing you need is patience. And some other things, but the main ingredient is patience. It’s a great dish if you can plan ahead and if you know that there won’t be much time just before you want to serve the meal.

Except the patience you need the following ingredients for 2 hungry persons (as a main course):

900 g potatoes

200 ml of a mix of milk and cream (more cream than milk)
1 egg

salt (about 1/2 tsp)

about 75-100 g grated cheese

Peel the potatoes and cut them in rounds. For cutting them quickly, you can use a mandoline (Hobel). Combine with salt (don’t be too cautious) and pepper (use enough, I mean don’t bee to cautious!). Put the potatoes in a buttered casserole (Auflaufform)- I don’t waste time by trying to arrange them nicely as I cover everything with lots of grated cheese.   Mix cream, milk and egg and pour this mix over the cheese that covers the potatoes. Put the casserole in the oven, set the timer for 60 minutes and the oven for 200°C.

Check with a knife in the middle (important! Not at the edges! That would be too easy for your oven!) of the gratin if the potatoes are done. If not, continue for about ten minutes or as much as needed (Check maybe every 5 minutes to decide if you continue or not)

Serve with green salad.

NB: For the correct crust, it is important to put first the cheese and then the cream-milk-egg-mix!


2 Responses to “Let your oven work”

  1. 1 moritz

    Mmm, one of my all time favorites! I make it with cream and without eggs. If you slice the potatoes finely and stack them well (patience needed!), the starch will make the cream thick enough to keep the gratin in shape. Also, I always add a pinch of nutmeg on top (after the cheese, but before putting the cream)

  2. 2 Anikó

    Ich liebe Kartoffelgratin, aber irgendwie hab ich da kein Händchen für, mache immer zu viel Flüssigkeit rein *grmpf* Ich werde es mal mit Deinem Rezept versuchen :-)

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